Diploma Courses

2 Year Diploma Courses Affiliated With KPK Medical Faculty.

The NiHMS is affiliated with the KP Faculty of Paramedical and Allied Health Science (FPMA) constituted in 1977 under section 3 of the Medical Degree Act 1916 (VII of 1916). Since it’s birth the faculty is tremendously rendering her services in the medical field producing quality para medics in the province. As the faculty is having a pre-determined set of rules and regulation regarding registration of students , exam conduction ,to organize, administer and monitor pre services training, career planning, medical education, testing and human resource development for the various categories/ disciplines of paramedics leading towards awarding of certificates, Diplomas and Degrees to the successful trainees. So the NiHMS has the honor to follow all these rules and regulation of faculty in its full letter and spirit in order to produce good quality paramedics.

NiHMS has affiliated with the KP Faculty of Paramedical and Allied Health Science (FPMA) in following disciplines of paramedical sciences.

  • Diploma in Health technology
  • Diploma in Cardiology
  • Diploma in Pathology technology
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy technology
  • Diploma in Dental technology
  • Diploma in Dialysis technology
  • Diploma in Pharmacy technology
  • Diploma in Surgical technology
  • Diploma in Radiology technology
  • Diploma in Anesthesia technology

It is pertinent to mention here that NiHMS is having 10 years MOU with Hayatabad Medical Complex for imparting the medical training to the students which is mandatory for awarding the diploma for a student by medical faculty.


  • Qualification: S.SC (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry) with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Domicile: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa / other provinces.
  • Age: 30 years.

Instructions for admission

The candidates should attach the attested copies of the following documents.

  • Matriculation DMC (2 copies)
  • Provisional certificate (2 copies)
  • Domicile certificate (2 copies)
  • National identity card self and Father’s N.I.C or Form “B”.(2 copies)
  • Character certificate from the head of school/institute last attended.(2 copies)
  • Four attested colored passport size photographs.
  • Undertaking on Rs.30/-stamp paper, dully attested by Notary Public.

Fee Structure for the Session 2019

S.No Particulars Amount (Rs)
1 Admission Fee (At the time of Admission) 13,000/-
2 Tuition Fee per Semester 20,000/-
3 Student ID Card + over all 1,000/-
4 Internal Examination & Assessment Fee 1,000/-
5 Security (Refundable) 1,000/-
Total Fee (at the time of Admission) 35,000/-
  1. Enrolment Fee (As per FPMA rules).
  2. External Examination Fees (As per FPMA rules).
  3. Diploma / DMC Fees (As per FPMA rules).
  4. Hospital / Clinical training charges RS 1500 / month
  5. The college authority reserves the right of amending the fee structure as and when deemed necessary.
  6. Admission fee, tuition fee and other fee will not be refundable in any case.
  7. Tuition fee will be refundable as per NiHMS Policy.