Tuition Fee

Bachelor Program Fee

Course Name Admission Fee Semester Fee
B.S (Hons) Medical Laboratory Technology (Pathology)  30,000/-  66,000/-
B.S (Hons) Dental Technology 30,000/-  82,500/-
B.S (Hons) Health & Medicine 30,000/-  77,000/-


F.Sc (Dental, Pathology, Surgical) Course Fee

Admission Fee:19,000/- Per year:38,000/-

Diploma Course Fee

Admission Fee:12,000/- Semester Fee:20,000/-

Other Fee (Applied to all program)

Security Fee For BS  2000/-For F.Sc and Diploma 1000/- Refundable
College ID Card + Overall: 1000/- Once Paid
University Retention Fee: As per KMU rules
University Registration Fee:  As per KMU rules
University Examination Fee: As per KMU rules
KP Medical Faculty Registration Fee: As per KPMF rules
KP Medical Faculty Exam Fee: As per KPMF rules
Hospital Practical Training Fee: {For BS (Hons) Students}  Rs. 2000/Month
Hospital Practical Training Fee: {For Diploma Students} Rs. 1500/Month