Welcome to NIHMS

National Institute of Health and Management Sciences (NiHMS) was established in January 2012 for the promotion of health education in the KP Province and throughout the nation disciplined academic environment together with need-based Teaching and Practical training, pertinent to requirements of the Paramedics. The NiHMS, a future-oriented and unique institution is committed to achieving excellence in the Diploma and BS (HONS 4 years) undergraduate Programs. The NiHMS to provide superior and comprehensive educational opportunities at the matriculates and Baccalaureates through special professional educational levels. The NiHMS contributes to the advancement of society through creative activity, and development of knowledge. Affiliated with KP medical Faculty, BISEP, HERA KP and Khyber Medical university NiHms is committed to achieve milestones in the field of Paramedics and make a beneficial contribution to the society by providing educated and skillful individuals.

Message from Vice Chancellor

This is an exciting time for Khyber Medical University: we are at the threshold of revamping medical and allied health education. All four elements of health – prevention, promotion, curative intervention and rehabilitation demand similar importance to develop a comprehensive health care approach. The emphasis on health care team approach at all levels for all-inclusive health care delivery system requires preferential treatment of nursing: paramedical, allied health and public health along with medical education.

Message from Principal

With the addition of BS (Hons) Technologies i-e Medical Laboratory Technology, Health and5 Medicine Technology, Dental Technology and FSc Medical Technologies to our prestigious Institute NIHMS, we feel everlasting and exuberant pleasure to extend our cordial felicitations to all those students and parents who were waiting impatiently since long and now. We are indebted to all those colleagues who gave us courage all along for embarking upon this mission.